FLEX_SHEETS_UL_3 Super Fine 3500 Grit Latex Self Adhesive Sanding Sheets (3 Sheets)

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Easily sand away faded headlight plastic, bird poop etch marks, deep defects, scratches, and water spots with the peel-and-stick latex Hyper Flex Water Sanding Sheets!

Use This Sanding Sheet To: 

  • Restore perfect shine and clarity to paintwork
  • Gently remove oxidized plastic to restore crystal clear clarity
  • Reduce uneven sanding caused by loose abrasives
  • Get even, mirror perfect results
  • Remove defects that normal detailing can't fix

Wet Sanding Made Easy

While old-school wet sanding systems use particle abrasives glued onto stiff pieces of paper, the Hyper Flex System use flexible latex that conforms to every curve and contour. Cut down high defects quickly with the 2500 Grit Sanding Sheet, then refine the sanding marks with the 3500 Sheet. Once you’re finished, grab an edge and gently peel it from the sanding block. That’s it!

Two Grits For Every Job

Wet sanding automobile paintwork is similar to sanding wood: use the bigger grit to take off the high stuff, then the finer grit to refine the smoothness of the surface. The Latex Self-Adhesive Hyper Flex sanding sheets come in 2500 grit for removing deeper paint defects quickly, and 3500 grit for refining the sanding marks for easier removal with a machine polisher and polishing compound.

When To Use 2500 vs 3500

Sand away thick oxidation from headlight plastic with 2500 grit, then refine the marks with 3500 grit before polishing to crystal-clear perfection. Try removing bird poop etching stains with 3500 grit first, then turn to 2500 grit only if you have to. Multiple sandpaper grits make the Hyper Flex sanding system flexible and versatile for taking down any detailing task.

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