MIC513 - Big Noodle Supersized Wash Mitt

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Maximum Suds Capture

Drench your ride with the maximum amount of suds for the slickest and safest wash with the Big Noodle Wash Mitt! The insanely huge noodles capture tons of soapy water to minimize friction for a slick scratch-free wash! The extra suds provided with each wipe of your mitt also help ensure that each dirt particle is overwhelmed with car wash foam, lifting each abrasive particle up and off the surface so it can be safely wiped away for a flawless finish!

The Fast And Safe Way To Wash

The extra soft premium chenille 70/30 microfiber noodles caress your ride with the softest touch, ensuring that you can remove dirt and grime from the most sensitive areas of your ride while reducing the risk of scratching, while the extra-large surface area makes it perfect for scrubbing extra dirty areas around your ride like paint, wheels, glass, undercarriages and more! The extra-large size makes washing even the largest trucks, SUVs, and cars easy, and speeds up your wash on any size vehicle for the fastest wash possible.

Use It Dry

The supremely versatile Big Noodle Wash Mitt doesn’t just remove dirt and grime- it’s also the fast and easy way to dust! The soft microfiber noodles act like magnets, sucking up dust and dirt in the interior of your car and even your home! The branded cuff ensures that your Big Noodle Wash Mitt stays on your hand whether you’re using it wet or dry. Use your noodle and make the smart decision to pick up your Chemical Guys Big Noodle Wash Mitt and get the safest, sudsiest, fastest, and most fun wash ever!

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