PMWTVD10750 - VRP Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic Shine And Protectant Wipes (50 ct)

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Revitalize your Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastic

Faded, gray, and chalky vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces ruin the look of any car. Lightly clean the surface, add a deep black high shine, and renew a new car look on the go in mere seconds with VRP Protectant Wipes! The easy-to-use disposable wipe design takes the formula you know and love and makes it fast and simple to restore the deep black while removing light dust, dirt, fingerprints, and more. Perfect for use on your dashboard, door panels, center consoles, and even exterior mirrors, trim, mirrors, and more, Chemical Guys VRP Protectant Wipes are the maintenance product that everyone needs to keep close at hand!

Durable Protection with Every Wipe

Just like you apply sunscreen on your skin, your vinyl, rubber, and plastics also need protection against the harsh sun. VRP Protectant Wipes don’t just restore a brilliant black look to your surface, they also lay down a durable shield against harmful UV rays to help keep surfaces looking new! VRP Wipes penetrate deep into the pores of the surface to help protect against cracking, fading, discoloration, and damage. The non-greasy dry-to-the-touch finish even helps reject dust and dirt, keeping your surfaces cleaner for longer!

Portable Package Goes Anywhere You Go

VRP Protectant Wipes are formulated to make your interior and exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastics shine with a brilliant black finish. Use the 16oz bottle for those severely dried out surfaces that have been majorly neglected, then maintain with convenient VRP Protectant Wipes! Keep a mega pack of 50 Chemical Guys VRP Protectant Wipes close at hand at all times to keep your car always looking great and shining like new!

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