SeventyGel Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol Antiseptic Gel Topical Solution (16oz)

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Some like it THICK and we get that. Now, you can sanitize your hands in seconds with the fast acting SeventyGel Gel Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol Topical Solution! Our nice and thick gel formulation cleans and refreshes without the use of any water - just rub in and let dry.

Use This To:

  • Fast acting 70% alcohol hand sanitizer gel
  • Helps reduce germs on hands
  • Fast drying formula sanitizes in seconds
  • Easy application thick gel
  • Meets CDC recommendations
  • No water or rinsing needed - Just rub in and let dry
  • Keeps your hands clean on the go
  • Take it with you everywhere
  • Your new best friend
  • Quick dispensing formula

Thick, Just The Way You Like It

We heard you like it THICK? Our cross-linking fast-acting hand sanitizing gel features our THICK 70% alcohol suspension gel and unique stick-but-not-sticky formulation. The suspension gel in SeventyGel is characterized by its THICK structure and multiple floating oxygen bubbles and contributes to the specialty stick factor of the product that makes it super easy to use on the go or in any situation. The 70% alcohol gel sticks to your hands offering maximum sanitation and dries in seconds leaving hands clean and sanitized, but never sticky.

You Guys Asked For It

The entire Chemical Guys team is thankful to be able to help others! We’ve pivoted our production and created some innovative new products. However, some first responders have gotten used to a certain expectation, so we’ve developed a new gel to be 70% alcohol and thick the way traditional health care workers and our first responders need it and want it. We wanted to have a highly effective hand sanitizer that is still in a gel form, so in this time of uncertainty, some people can enjoy what they are used to.

Use It Anywhere and Everywhere!

Clean and sanitize your hands on the go or on the stay with SeventyGel! Dab out the product on your hands for a quick clean no matter where you are. This fast drying formula is perfect to keep in your backpack, purse, car, glovebox, or anywhere else for quick sanitation on the go!

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